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zWhen you received your structured settlement, getting consistently scheduled payments looked like a very great deal. You’d cash to pay your invoices, always understood when that next check would arrive. They were foreseeable. But perhaps your scenario has changed, and matters are somewhat different.

In life, the one thing you can count on is change. Your life now isn’t the same as it was annually past, so are your financing controlled by the identically structured settlement payments from a distinct time in your lifetime?

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No one understands your financial situation a lot better than you do, but here are just a couple of reasons some previous customers needed to sell their structured settlement payments:

  • Paying off alternative debt or school loans.
  • Medical expenses.
  • A down payment on their dream house.
  • Cash to begin their particular company.

You’ve visions and goals you would like to make a reality, but perhaps those regular payments can start feeling prohibitive and might be holding you back from what you would like to do. Perhaps it’s placing a down payment on a house, starting your company, or going back to school. The total amount of cash you’ve got in your structured settlement would go ways in assisting you to reach those, but not if you merely get your cash in those little payments that are scheduled.

More than 25 years past, J.G. Wentworth started supplying customers with lump sums in exchange for their future payments. Ever since then, we’ve bought more than $2.9 billion of future payments, making us the biggest purchaser of structured settlements in the United States.

J.G. Wentworth’s wide-ranging expertise in buying structured settlement payments means that we can get you your cash as soon as possible. We’re committed to offering industry-leading customer support, and that’s the reason why we’re proud of our A rating with all the Better Business Bureau.

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Can I Get?

Determined by the facts of your resolution, you could have the ability to sell some or all your future payments for a cash lump sum. They’ll let you understand simply how much of your structured settlement payments you’ll need to sell to get the money you’ll need when you talk to one of our representatives.

How much you get for your payments is dependent upon the payment program that is driven as well as the conditions of your structured settlement. You won’t have the ability to change those future payments today for their face value as the worth of money changes with time. This is due to NPV for short, or something known as the Net Present Value.

We’ve got more than 25 years of expertise in buying our representatives, and these future payments take pride in aiding you to get the biggest lump sum of your structured settlement payments.